Industry and high tech


Technological backbone of the European economy

The broad field of industrial goods and production technology forms the backbone of the European economy and, with its high export share, is often the basis for the production of key products such as semiconductors, (basic) chemicals, but also foodstuffs. For example, 30% of global rice production is processed on equipment from a Swiss manufacturer. In modern semiconductor manufacturing with structures smaller than 7 nm, a Dutch company has the world monopoly, there is no modern smartphone without its equipment. But even with supposedly simple industrial goods such as valves for chemical process plants, high technical requirements can lead to a medium-sized German company being the world market leader in this niche.

Identify market opportunities

The market environment is developing as diversely as the segment itself. Players from the Asian region, who have received little attention to date, are increasingly developing into serious competitors, often with equal quality standards. The days when the Asian region was purely a production location are long gone. European companies need to remain quality/technology leaders in their fields and at the same time compensate for disadvantages in personnel costs through constant process automation in order to maintain their position.

But start-ups – although often with low sales – also need to be kept in mind. Especially in the field of batteries, the race/marathon to find the next marketable technology is in full swing.

Supply chain – technology leadership – higher software competence challenge companies

Innovation leadership, efficiency and flexibility (lot-size-one) in production, supply chain security, but also often geographic and technological expansion play a central role in achieving long-term success. In addition, it is necessary for very many companies to massively expand their software competence – both in production and in the product – in order not to lose out. Whereas cars used to be engines in design dress, today they are computers that drive.

Insights: Future viability of technologies – extended workbench or innovation driver?

The question of a company’s success in the industrials sector is therefore always also a question of the future viability of the technology in product and production, its own position in the industrial value chain and in the competitive environment.

We have advised clients on more than 90 Industrials projects, assessing not only the market and competitive position of companies, but also their current technology, innovation and supply chain security.

Our industry expertise

Focus of our project experience in the sub-sectors

  • Equipment for wet chemical processing
  • RFID solutions in department store logistics
  • Fully automatic storage systems
  • Machines for the food industry
  • Production equipment in photovoltaics
  • Equipment for process automation
  • Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)
  • Linear positioning technique
  • Loading and unloading systems in logistics
  • Logistics solutions for airports
  • Additive Manufacturing – 3D Printing of Metals
  • Measuring and testing equipment, machine vision
  • Optical (LIDAR) , Micro – mechanical (MEMS), inductive (speed) , resistive sensors (strain)
  • Photonics – lasers, optical components
  • Battery charging and measurement technology
  • Semiconductor production equipment
  • Plasma technology for coating and etching / cleaning
  • Manufacturer of RFID based access systems
  • 3D camera systems – tracking / counting people
  • Leading manufacturer of audio equipment for events
  • Automatic optical inspection
  • Optical measuring systems
  • Component manufacturer for the automotive industry – Tier 1 and Tier 2
  • Commercial vehicle manufacturer and trailer
  • Sensor manufacturer with a focus on the automotive industry
  • Development services for the automotive industry
  • Charging infrastructure manufacturer
  • E-bikes accessories manufacturer
  • Building materials manufacturer – insulation technology
  • Components for active and passive fire protection
  • Air conditioning solutions
  • Raw material recycling
  • Cutting tools for CNC machines
  • Industrial pumps manufacturer
  • Transformer manufacturer
  • Control cabinet manufacturer
  • Water treatment equipment manufacturer
  • Producers of specialty chemical products
  • Industrial coatings
  • Paint stripping technology
  • Supplier of lighting in the home and office
  • Air conditioning technology and equipment – ventilation technology
  • Leading manufacturer of passive fire protection technology
  • Windows and doors manufacturer
  • Stretchable film manufacturer
  • Packaging labels manufacturer

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Dr. Sigurd Kitzer

Dr. Sigurd Kitzer